Nicki Minaj Donates $25K To Geoffrey Owens After Grocery Store Fiasco

at 9/08/2018
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Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj announced her donation on "Queen Radio."
Last month, a photo was posted online of Geoffrey Owens of Cosby Show fame, working at his grocery store job. As the internet often does, reactions were cruel and people began to shame the man for working at Trader Joe's. Since then, he's been offered a job on Tyler Perry's new TV show and received an outpour of support from fans nationwide. Nicki Minaj decided to make his day a little brighter, announcing her intent to donate $25,000 to Owens after being dragged online.

Revealing that her "cocksucker of the day" award is going to Karma Lawrence and her wife for trying to humiliate the actor by posting the photo, Nicki then praised Owens. "This man is a whole fucking legend," said Nicki before saying she decided to give him $25K to help him out. With Minaj speaking on current affairs and newsworthy topics on her show, she may be looking to make radio a part-time gig of her own when she's not busy in the studio. She definitely knows how to pull in viewership.

Good on Nicki for this! Listen to the rest of Queen Radio here.

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