How To Raise Capital For Your Makeup, Fashion Or Hair Business

at 8/07/2018
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If you have been thinking about funding for your makeup, fashion or hair business, then we have good news for you.

FCMB’s #FlexxYourCreativity is all you need to raise the capital you need for your makeup, fashion, and hair business.
The sweetest part is there is N1,000,000 up for grabs.

Yes, FCMB is ready to give you that much money without keeping you in one house in a foreign land for three months.

That’s how much we care about you…

On hearing this, we understand it is okay to have the ‘Wawu’ feeling…

Take a chill pill, we are coming to the how… don’t start imagining funny ways to raise capital like…
Calling that rich Yoruba demon or Becoming a Yahoo girl. We hear their numbers are growing these days.

Well, there’s a better and easier way to get funding for your business.
In three simple steps, here’s how you can win in FCMB’s #FlexxYourCreativity 3.0.

Its your best bet to get capital in the shortest possible time.

Click here to visit the portal to begin.

Note: You must be between ages 16 – 30.
Here are the three winners from last year…

This year is the third edition.

And its 3X Bigger, Bolder and Better!

With more money up for grabs.
Thanks to FCMB’s #FlexxYourCreativity 3.0, your business can get the needed resources and exposure to expand.
Friends and family don’t have to be your only customers. Spread the word.
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