Top 5 iphone battery cases for iphone 7 and 8

at 6/15/2018
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The iPhone might come with a pretty great battery but if you are anything like us you use your phone for all itâE™s worth and the battery doesnot always last all day. These battery cases can help.
The following battery cases will significantly
extend your time between charging by effectively doubling your battery life.
Each case is a little different with some benefits and drawbacks that are, typically, reflected in the price. Read on as we outline the perks of each case and why you might want to pair it with your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.
Do note: Although some products are still labeled âEśiPhone 7âEť the form factor of the two phones allows for the cases to be used with either model, if they are made in spec.
Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case ($99)
Going straight to the source is always a good move, and AppleâE™s iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case is a perfect fit for both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 both in specifications and integration with the device.
The case promises increased talk time of up to 26 hours, with internet use on LTE of about 22 hours. If youâE™re dragging things out in airplane mode and just listening to music or watched video stored n your phone, then you can expect and even longer run time before recharging.
Via Notification Center and the iPhone Lock screen, you can see exactly how long youâE™ve got left so youâE™re always in controlâE”this integration with iOS is a unique feature.
The case feels good too. The body is a quality silicone that feels nice in your hand and offers a good grip, and the soft microfiber lining protects the body of your phone. ThereâE™s no on/ off switch but rather the case acts as a natural extension the battery, constantly topping off the phoneâE™s internal battery.
Although the case works wonderfully and integrates flawlessly with iOS there is one thing that is off putting to many buyers though: the tumor-like protrusion on the back.
Unlike any other case in our lineup, Apple opted to minimize the general bulkiness of the case by reducing the filler around the battery.
It is, in fact, a bit uglyâE”but having used various Apple battery cases over the years starting way back with the iPhone 6, we can attest to how well they work if you can get past the odd design choice.
Mophie Juice Pack Wireless Battery Pack ($63)
The Mophie Juice Pack Wireless Battery Pack does a little bit of everything.
As a case, itâE™s light weight and comfortable to use, while also offering rubberized support pads that protect your phone from accidental tumbles.
As a battery case, it promises 100% more battery life than a stock phone and features a handy LED indicator bar on the back of the case to indicate how much life is left in the case battery.
As well as that, it still manages to support wireless charging so itâE™s easy for you to charge up your iPhone at any wireless charging port without needing to remove the case first. The charging ports and buttons are still easily accessible too, so thereâE™s no inconvenience.
Moshi IonSuit iPhone 8/7 Battery Case ($80)
With a two piece slide-on design, the Moshi IonSuit iPhone 8/7 Battery Case is easy to apply while still keeping your iPhone as slim. Its battery more than doubles the iPhone 7âE™s battery life with intelligent power management circuitry giving it quick charge support.
If thatâE™s not enough to appeal to you, its case is drop rated and features a raised bezel to protect your screen from impact. ThereâE™s the all important power button too, so if youâE™d prefer to only deploy your battery backup when needed, your iPhone wonâE™t have its charge topped up until you say so.
Moshi IonSuit iPhone 8/7 Battery Case ($80)
The Alpatronix iPhone 7 Battery Case is a fine mid range option, covering most of the bases expected of it. Its battery has more than 100% of your conventional charge, it looks quite stylish and slimline, and itâE™s easy to apply.
Dual-layer protection means a scratch-guard for the iPhone screen, and thereâE™s a raised bezel to keep the iPhoneâE™s screen safe.
The only noticeable issue for the Alpatronix iPhone 7 Battery Case is that it doesnâE™t support wireless charging which is an irritant if youâE™re using it with an iPhone 8.
ItâE™s not the end of the world given the price, but it is something to consider if you want to get the absolute most from your iPhone 8. Other than that, itâE™s great value.
Trianium iPhone 7/8 Battery Case ($36)
The Trianium iPhone 7/8 Battery Case is another case that wonâE™t support the iPhone 8âE™s wireless charging but it does look pretty great.
Its battery life is weighty enough to offer over 100% extra juice for your iPhone, and its hard shell backplate means itâE™s handy in a fall too.
Bumpers around the edge keep it extra safe, while still being reasonably comfortable to fit in your pocket. For some, the important part is that it still looks good too. ItâE™s not painfully chunky by any means, while still keeping you safe.
ThereâE™s the all important LED indicators, along with an on/off button for added convenience. ItâE™s suitably light too. The only downside is that the charger is a micro USB port instead of Lightning.
While all of us have micro USB cables, of course, it does mean keeping an extra cable in your car or travel bag if you want to charge the case on the go.
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