Cryptocurrencies made me millions

at 5/04/2018
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On this topic, I have got to say I don sell market wey pass 1M Naira
but never hold the money in bulk for hand or account so I wouldn’t
know how to classify that, as each time I look at my sales/record
books and calculate my profit in a year, it’s over a million Naira
doing the little business I do while looking for ways to upscale.
During the MMM episode, I lost a hundred thousand plus, just because I
kept on at it till December even though I wanted to wait till January
before I continue but finally did for December with 50% of the money
being a borrowed fund. January I was in debt, well a subtle debt cos
the lender wasn’t on my neck knowing that I was credit worthy. The
good side of the MMM for me was getting to know about crypto currency;
Bitcoin (BTC).
A friend asked me to come learn how to trade on it
because it pays, took it with a pinch of salt, but when another friend
called me to know if I deal on it as he wanted to sell his, I took it
serious and told him I could buy it. He gave me to sell it, I went
online and dutifully searched for legit buyers on the internet, got
the needed response form Nairaland and that was the beginning. Made
some little cool funds from it and this was January of 2017.
By April, some family challenges and I had to get a loan of over half a million
from a very close friend without any interest to pay back before the
year ends, took a little from it and invest into Bitcoin. With more
and more awareness to those around me that I deal in Bitcoin and offer
cool rates, I got people that were willing to sell to me and from
there onwards kept at it and when Bitcoin boomed around
October/November, I became a full fledged millionaire, with a couple
million in the bank and others as assets in crypto currency such as
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etheruem, Ripple and a hand full of others. Cleared
my parents flat rent, payed sibling’s fees, changed gadgets for them
too, paid off the loan collected, bought a couple of lands at
ibeju-lekki and gave out over half a million helping persons that
needed money plus those that wanted to start businesses.
Well now that the crypto market is down, my investment in it has lost
¾ of its value, but still a millionaire though and still looking for
more ways to make money so I don’t get to touch it while hoping it
recovers as I am a true believer of the crypto trade, a stunch one
that keeps putting in more money into it even though it’s value is
currently crashing.
So far I am grateful to God for the turn around as I became a provider
for those around me and beyond.
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