How to Make $500 This Month from Paid Online Surveys!

at 3/25/2018
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Could you use a little extra money? I certainly could. I know you probably could too.  If you are like me, you browse Pinterest and other social media, along with Google from time to time wondering how to earn extra money.
There is a ton of information out there now on how to bank extra bucks.  Some are legit, some are scams, some only tell you part of the strategy and try to upsell you to buy the rest of the info.  I’m going to share 1 for real way to make extra money each month.
It’s simple, it requires zero investment, and you can start TODAY!
How to Make $500 This Month from Online Surveys
Ready? Let’s begin…
It’s Simple
Getting paid to take surveys online is super simple. There are several survey sites to pick from. Registration is easy and you can start same day.  Here’s a list of the survey companies I’m with, to get you started:
It’s Free
You visit the sites above, register, and start doing offers. That’s it!
You Can Start Today
Panda Research– Up to $50 per survey
Inbox Dollars– $5 signup bonus
Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel– Install the app, surf the web, and win amazing prizes monthly
If you work surveys 5 days a week like a job, that’s a cool $1,000 a month, in surveys!
Don’t let me upsell you on it though, it’s not all fun survey taking. I mean, taking surveys is fun, but it also takes time.  You don’t get paid $10 for 5 minutes of survey taking. Think of it like a job.
How to Get Paid the Most Income with Online Surveys
Going back to the Pro Tip I mentioned above. This is how you make the most income with surveys: get organized.
What do I mean by getting organized?
First, you have to have the right mindset.  Think of this like a job.  You’re going to put in hours to make four figures per month with surveys but think of the money to keep you motivated. It’s a numbers game- the more you do, the more you make, it’s as simple as that.
Here’s a bigger list of surveys for the ambitious:
Survey Voices– Some members make up to $800/week.
US only Pinecone Research
Next, you want to track your time. Set the number of hours you’d like to dedicate to surveys each day. 3 hours? 6 hours? 8 hours?  Whatever time you set, stick with it and track your time.  You will be more productive and make more money.
Lastly, make sure you have your payment details set up so you can GET PAID! You would be surprised how many folks forget this important step.  You can get paid many ways: check, ACH deposit, PayPal, Dwolla, rewards, etc. It’ll all vary based on the survey site.
Here’s the deal. Not all surveys are created equal. There are some survey panels for example that pay up to $300 per completed survey. The problem is finding them.
Offers like these come and go on short notice, once the company has enough participants. Furthermore, they usually don’t list the offer on major survey channels, making them privy only to people who stumble across them.
The trick is staying on top of these elusive yet highly lucrative survey offers is to join a Survey Club. The sole purpose of these clubs to to keep track of the highest paying surveys for you as soon as they become available, and alert you to them. A lot of these offers are extremely time sensitive, expiring within a few days, and it takes a service like this to stay on top of it.
Two of the best survey clubs  you should consider joining if you actually want to make a full time income from surveys are:
Golden Surveys (updated list of elusive but highest paying surveys)
Appcoiner (make easy money reviewing apps)
Appcoiner is especially interesting in that you review apps, which offers a nice respite from filling out surveys.
Do you have survey tricks?  Share them down below
Here is a list of survey sites that you should have a look at. They are all FREE to join and completely legitimate!

Time in business: Since 2013
Your Job: Take surveys, tasks, offers, and trials for cash and points.
Location: US, UK, Ireland, Canada.
Payment method: Amazon gift cards, cash-backs, and PayPal
Amount paid out to date:$137 + million
Freebies: Get $5 credited to your Swagbucks account just for signing up.
2. Survey Junkie
Take Surveys. Get PAID.
Be an influencer. Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services.
This is another great survey site that will pay you to test products and take online surveys. You get paid via Check, PayPal or gift cards for completing simple surveys and product tests and you make at least $3 for every survey.
Time in business: Since 2000
Your job: Take paid surveys, paid web searches, read emails for cash.
Location: Anywhere in the world, although some users outside the US and the UK may have limited earning potential.
Pay rate: between $0.01 to $15 per survey or other offers.
Payment method: You must earn $30 or more before you’re able to cash out. Payments are via prepaid visa and Inbox Dollar e-card which can only be used by US citizens. Users outside the US are paid by check.
Average Monthly Earnings: $100.00
5. Survey Momma

Time in business: Since 1999
Your job: Take paid surveys
Location: US, Singapore, Austrailia, UK
Pay rate: Between $1.50-$1.75 per survey.
Payment method: Check or gift card once you earn $50.00 or more.
Average Monthly Earnings:$80.00
Time in business: Since 2006
Your job: Take paid surveys, offers, tasks and more
Location: Worldwide, although earning potential through surveys, offers and tasks may be limited in certain countries.
Pay rate: Between a few cents to a few dollars per survey or offer.
Payment method: Minimum of $20 to cash out via check or PayPal.
Amount paid out to date:$3,910,841.32
Freebies: Get $1 credited to your Cashcrate account just for signing up. Also get $0.50 when you fill out your profile information.
Average Monthly Earnings: $150.00
Your job: Share your opinions
Location: US, UK, Canada and others
Pay rate: 20pts and upwards per survey or task. Points can be redeemed for amazon or iTunes gift cards or as cash via PayPal. 1 point is equivalent to $0.10
Payment method: PayPal
Freebies: 5 points which are equivalent to $0.50 will be credited to your account when you sign up.
Time in business: Since 2011
Your job: Take paid surveys, offers, trials and more
Location: worldwide, although earning potential through surveys, offers and trials may be limited for some non-US and non-UK residents.
Pay rate: Between $0.20 to a few dollars per survey or task.
Payment method: PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin or Skrill.
Amount paid out to date:$348,557.49
Freebies: Get $0.20 credited to your Rewarding Ways account just for signing up.
Time in business: Since 2009
Your job: Take paid surveys, tasks, offers and more.
Location: UK and US
Payment method: Cash via PayPal
Average Monthly Earnings: $75.00
Time in business: Since 2004
Your job: Take paid online surveys at Vindale Research as well as other offers.
Location: US, Canada
Pay rate: $5 to $50.00 per survey or task
Payment method: PayPal or check once you earn $50
Amount paid out to date:$5,145,023.00 +
Freebies: Get $2 credited to your Vindale Research account when you sign up.
Average Monthly Earnings: $80.00
Your job: Take paid online surveys at Paid Viewpoint.
Location: Worldwide
Payment method: PayPal once you’ve earned $15 or more.
Freebies: Get $1.00 credited to your account for answering a few profile questions.
Average Monthly Earnings: $30.00
To get the best results from survey sites, join as many as possible and take as many high-quality surveys and offers as possible.
Here Are Some Other Paid Online Survey Sites To Consider.
Please keep in mind that in order to make a sizable monthly income from survey websites you should follow some of those key tips:
Join a good number of legitimate survey panels.Participate in as many high quality (high paying) offers as possible.Be consistent- You won’t see great results
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